Freight forwarding services

RCM d.o.o. has specialised in the area of customs services through a 30-year tradition in the field of logistics services.

RCM d.o.o. offers comprehensive solutions in the area of customs services for the needs of import customs procedures, export customs procedures and transit of goods, TIR documents and T2L documents.


 In customs services, we offer 24-hour consulting support in the fields of: 

  • Implementation of customs procedures for import, export, transit: T1, T2, T2L, TIR;
  • Forwarding of customs documentation;
  • Customs inspections;
  • Veterinary, phyto-sanitary and health inspections;
  • Intrastat reporting.

RCM d.o.o. represents you in direct and indirect representation in import customs procedures 42 and 40. 

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