Business Unit Kozina - new in 2021

Our modern logistics centre with separate customs and non-customs storage space is located in Kozina in the Trade-Industrial Zone of Hrpelje. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the storage or handling of customs goods under customs control as well as the release of customs consignments for free circulation. In the non-customs part of the warehouse and on external surfaces, we offer storage and handling of all types of non-customs goods. We also offer the possibility of renting parking spaces for trucks.

RCM d.o.o., PE Kozina

OIC - Hrpelje Kozina 85
6240 Kozina

RCM d.o.o., BU Kozina  

Head of Business Unit
Matjaž Barut

+386 5 66 38 032

+386 5 66 38 031

+386 30 640 663
+386 5 66 38 030

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