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By sea, air, rail or road - for many years we have been solving the logistical needs of our customers on a global level, making sure that your goods arrive at the destination on time and within affordable solutions.

Our business units are located on the Slovenian - Croatian border, which allows our business partners to clear goods 24/7. RCM d.o.o. provides comprehensive support in customs services, transport services and customs warehousing.

The advantages of RCM d.o.o. are in digitalised business processes with business units located in key strategic positions, which provide our business partners with optimal transport routes, and thus optimise their costs associated with transport.

RCM Slovenia is positioned in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Koper, which represents the fastest connection between Asia and the countries of Central Europe, and is only a step away from the Suez Canal. However, the popularity of the location comes with two drawbacks:

  • Nearby warehouses are always full and
  • storage prices are unacceptable.

With our modern capabilities in the Trade-Industrial Zone of Hrpelje in Kozina, we took a step forward in solving your logistical challenges.

The modern logistics centre covers more than 15,000 m2. Of this, as much as 5,000m2 of closed storage space is intended specifically for the needs of customs warehousing. 

The external surfaces of the Kozina logistics centre are intended for the storage of all types of cargo that can be manipulated and stored outdoors. We also offer rental of parking spaces for trucks here. 

The Kozina storage centre brings many advantages in the storage of goods:

  • We are located in close proximity of major ports, highways and railways;
  • We are the holders of customs permits, which relieve you of the payment of duties on import. Because of the customs warehouse permit, our business partners will not pay duties upon import, but only upon release of the goods from the customs warehouse. This kind of storage has a significant impact on your company’s cash flow. 
  • By using this type of service, you will find it easier to manage your own stocks and space constraints. 
  • The customs warehouse is located in a single facility. Easier organisation and management 
  • The entire distribution will be ensured from acceptance at the Koper location (handling, customs clearance, transport, storage, etc.).

All of this makes it easier for you to manage your own funds and thus affects your company’s cash flow.

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We invest because we understand your logistics needs.


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