Transit procedure

A transit procedure is a procedure that allows customs goods to move through EU territory or for Community goods to be re-dispatched through third countries to the EU.

The goods are dispatched under customs control to the customs office of destination, where they are handed over for the next customs procedure.


We distinguish:​ 

T1 – Transit procedure whereby goods under customs control are transported through the customs territory without payment of import duties.
T2 – Internal Community transit procedure whereby Community goods are transported through the territories of third countries and re-entered into another Member State free of customs duties on re-entry. The transit document through third countries is covered by the T2 document.
T2L – Transit procedure used as proof of the Community status of goods. It does not cover the transit document through third countries.

Because our offices are placed in strategic locations on major transport routes and because we are the holders of certificates for simplifications, we offer our customers the option of producing T-documents 24/7 all days of the year.

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