Name of the operation: "Digitization of the company RCM, d.o.o."

Operation description:

Within the operation the following activities are planned:

Electronic exchange between partners - the establishment of environment that will enable electronic data exchange and an establishment of a new system of e-archiving and e-document preparations
Digitalization of company appearance suitable for e-showroom at the e-fair
Websites for foreign markets - set up in at least two foreign languages
Product-sales video - production of a product-sales video at least 2 minutes long
Strengthening competencies - training of management and employees in the field of paperless operations, efficient processes and digital jobs

Purpose and objectives of the operation:

The purpose and the aim of the operation is to increase the possibility of presenting one's achievements and services to the international business public, increase the possibilities of business cooperation with foreign customers and business partners, facilitate cooperation with partners, increase the company's international competitiveness and increase the level of internationalization.

Operation results:

Electronic exchange between partners (established own environment for electronic data exchange and established new system of e-archiving and preparation of e-documents) 
Prepared content and participation in at least one referenced e-fair
Website created in three languages (English, German and Croatian) in a responsive design
Produced product-sales video in a foreign language, which will be intended for the wider European market, 2 minutes long
Conducted trainings for strengthening competencies.

Amount of co-financing:

The amount of co-financing is 70% of eligible costs (30,000 EUR).

You can read more about grants and EU funds at
The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


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